Everyone loves a great from rags to riches story. Anyone with any semblance of an entrepreneurial spirit appreciates hearing the life cycle of a successful business that started at zero and became a huge success. Probably the most popular story of this kind out there is Facebook. One guy who wrote a couple hundred pages of code that led to the creation of one of the most successful and widely used online businesses in history. So awesome and dramatic that a movie was made to make sure we all new the story. Well I’m here to tell you of a similar story. Perhaps not one that is so drastic or dramatic but definitely worthy of note here where we love to highlight local businesses when they succeed at their craft.

Oh how that beautiful red nectar of the grape flows. Well not nectar technically. The wonderful people over at Four Brix Winery are doing some amazing things with wine grapes. What started as a side project in a garage has turned into a full blown business that is thriving. This boutique winery takes grapes from all over Paso Robles and Napa and creatives these wonderful blends of red and white wines that the gods themselves would sip upon. If you are ever driving through Ventura, wine tasting is definitely a must. Stop by the Four Brix Winery tasting room and meet the lovely people that work there. The last time I went, I really felt that I got to try some delicious wine but also make some really good friends. I honestly can’t wait to have a reason to drive back up that way again! I would definitely put them at the top as having the best wine in Ventura.

So as they have continued to grow, they have made the smart decision to reinvest in their business. For any small business owner reading this out there, you need to do more of this! Four Brix has been able to expand their selection of wine as well as their facilities. Ever wanted to host an private event in a winery’s barrel room? Four Brix has made this a reality! After their last expansion, their barrel room can hold up to 160 people! That is enough for a beautiful wedding venue in Ventura! Some of the photos are simply magical. Take a look for yourself!

As we always do here at the Clute, we encourage you to check out anyone we suggest for yourself! Four Brix Winery is killing it online. I haven’t been the only person who had such a wonderful experience with these fine folks. They are well reviewed for a good reason. It really is nice to see that good people can get rewarded with more than just a pat on the back. My suggestion, let the wonderful people at Four Brix host your next event. You will be well taken care of. Check them out on Yelp as one of the best venues to host your next event.


From a garage to hosting large events in their barrel room, Four Brix is a great rags to riches story for any entrepreneur.