Selling homes in San Clemente with integrityAt home? That’s a pretty gutsy move I’d say. The difference between most business owners and the guys who can successfully sell sunshine in Orange county is that the people ready to walk into the office of a sunshine dealer are ready to buy from a well prepared marketing campaign. NO – I repeat -NO business can expect to succeed if it has idiots working the front desk, a marketing director asleep at the wheel writing 5000 word press releases that are never actually released and a band of salesmen who spend more time behind their desk refreshing their emails than meeting clients out in the field. Selling things is a useful skill but businesses that are all sale and no potato are bound to die when upset clients come knocking -or worse telling their friends- how bad their service was at a local shop that lives and dies by word of mouth. The lifeline today is not word of mouth it is niching and repeatable leads. The only way you can practically guarantee a steady stream of new business is to establish a good rapport in your community and build the best danged website around and make sure it gets in front of the right audiences. One business owner who is changing the way people buy homes is a guy down in San Clemente. This top San Clemente realtor knows how to establish a personal relationship with home buyer and see them through to finding the perfect home. Real estate gets easy when you are a good salesman. He went above and beyond being a good real estate agent, he was a friend who wanted to ensure I found the right home.

In a branch¬†similarly run by folks that are all about selling but usually good at business, financial planning is getting hot as the dow continues to growIrvine investment advisers are ready to grow your business money out of thin air. Stock prices start climbing and MBA students keep graduating hoping to manage clients’ money. Irvine is one hub for tech giants, specialty manufacturing, and innovation and consequentially the number of Edward Jones offices has grown along with the business parks. Independent financial planners in Irvine¬†are all fighting for a select group of financially successful individuals hoping to tap into the growth that Wall Street is enjoying. Growth doesn’t really mean much to a big business besides a few people that sit behind a board room table but to a small business, growth is tremendous. Investment advisers help small business owners make the right decisions every day and separate themselves from the mass of online competitors by offering a genuine connection beyond a simple etrade feedback email. This is reporting at its finest.