People romanticize either city life or farm life. Living at a distance from the non-stop consumerist rat race of the Matrix allows one to be unplugged from toiling under capitalism, surrounded by open air, nature, and silence. Yet still, major cities offer connection, excitement, and experiences. Desires for entertainment, dining, public transportation, and shopping can all be indulged in a major city. Social butterflies tend to thrive in chaos, delighting in bumping into new and old friends anywhere. Introverts and those who like to keep their circle small may prefer the peace and solitude of a rural community.

Luckily, one does not have to choose between a connection to nature and a connection to people. However, bringing together the best of both worlds does require some professional prowess, mentally and physically. A professional landscaper can design and build a place in your home where you can have both a social life and a spiritual life. With designers and architects, the possibilities are limitless. A French courtyard? A Roman fountain? A Zen pond? These ideas—and many more—can be brought to life with the brains and brawn of an expert team that can turn any blueprint into a masterpiece.

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Successful landscaping is about working with the elements incorporating the types of flowers and greenery best suited to your regional conditions, and integrating nature with your style and functional preferences. Couples and families across the country are living the dream, even in Mission Hills! Outdoor spaces elevate homes above and beyond the confines of walls and doors. Patios, pergolas, gardens, sculptures, fountains, paving, and hardscape provide an invigorating escape in your own backyard. 

Country living, despite its beauty, has some major inconveniences that can quickly turn the idea ugly. Without the ease and convenience of a department store a short drive away, or one-day shipping through a certain e-commerce behemoth, most inhabitants of the modern world are under-experienced and under-equipped to be as self-sufficient as necessary. Moreover, solitude can quickly evaporate into loneliness. Socializing is easier in the city, or even the suburbs; simply head out to a local bar, mall, gym, and the like. A dining room or backyard is the perfect place to wine and dine with friends and family. Getting people together is easier when people live in the same city or neighborhood in urban or suburban areas, whereas convincing folks to trek through country roads is akin to herding cattle.

Moreover, a garden is a more realistic and practical size for tending and harvesting. Land that sprawls acres and acres might sound like a fairytale because it is. You can expect to have many sun-filled mornings and afternoons outdoors practicing yoga and meditation in a backyard of a city home, but you can expect backbreaking labor in the fields of the country home—the latter of which, few are willing and able to do. For those who want a sprinkle of color with minimal maintenance, ask your landscaper about xeriscaping and low-watering plants. Tired of lawn care and weed whacking? Ask your landscaper about hardscaping. 

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