Urban Meets Natural With San Diego Landscape Construction

Urban Meets Natural With San Diego Landscape Construction

People romanticize either city life or farm life. Living at a distance from the non-stop consumerist rat race of the Matrix allows one to be unplugged from toiling under capitalism, surrounded by open air, nature, and silence. Yet still, major cities offer connection, excitement, and experiences. Desires for entertainment, dining, public transportation, and shopping can all be indulged in a major city. Social butterflies tend to thrive in chaos, delighting in bumping into new and old friends anywhere. Introverts and those who like to keep their circle small may prefer the peace and solitude of a rural community.

Luckily, one does not have to choose between a connection to nature and a connection to people. However, bringing together the best of both worlds does require some professional prowess, mentally and physically. A professional landscaper can design and build a place in your home where you can have both a social life and a spiritual life. With designers and architects, the possibilities are limitless. A French courtyard? A Roman fountain? A Zen pond? These ideas—and many more—can be brought to life with the brains and brawn of an expert team that can turn any blueprint into a masterpiece.

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Successful landscaping is about working with the elements incorporating the types of flowers and greenery best suited to your regional conditions, and integrating nature with your style and functional preferences. Couples and families across the country are living the dream, even in Mission Hills! Outdoor spaces elevate homes above and beyond the confines of walls and doors. Patios, pergolas, gardens, sculptures, fountains, paving, and hardscape provide an invigorating escape in your own backyard. 

Country living, despite its beauty, has some major inconveniences that can quickly turn the idea ugly. Without the ease and convenience of a department store a short drive away, or one-day shipping through a certain e-commerce behemoth, most inhabitants of the modern world are under-experienced and under-equipped to be as self-sufficient as necessary. Moreover, solitude can quickly evaporate into loneliness. Socializing is easier in the city, or even the suburbs; simply head out to a local bar, mall, gym, and the like. A dining room or backyard is the perfect place to wine and dine with friends and family. Getting people together is easier when people live in the same city or neighborhood in urban or suburban areas, whereas convincing folks to trek through country roads is akin to herding cattle.

Moreover, a garden is a more realistic and practical size for tending and harvesting. Land that sprawls acres and acres might sound like a fairytale because it is. You can expect to have many sun-filled mornings and afternoons outdoors practicing yoga and meditation in a backyard of a city home, but you can expect backbreaking labor in the fields of the country home—the latter of which, few are willing and able to do. For those who want a sprinkle of color with minimal maintenance, ask your landscaper about xeriscaping and low-watering plants. Tired of lawn care and weed whacking? Ask your landscaper about hardscaping. 

If you are looking for a professional landscaper, you can give Torrey Pines Landscaping a call today.

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Create A Mini-Golf Course At Home With Synthetic Turf

Create A Mini-Golf Course At Home With Synthetic Turf

Are you one of the many who want to hit the golf course these days? There are many health benefits to outdoor physical activity. Did you know that playing golf lowers stress and improves your mental health? It can also ward off physical ailments such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Undoubtedly, golf is an activity you should be participating in regularly. That’s why creating a mini-golf course in your backyard is a beautiful idea that you will not regret doing.

But how do you achieve that? It turns out that it is very simple with the help of synthetic grass.

The benefits of synthetic grass

Can you create a mini-golf course with synthetic turf? Yes, you can. Synthetic grass completely elevates the landscape, among many other time-saving and cost-saving benefits. The artificial turf-covered golf courses don’t need irrigation. In an era where homeowners are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, artificial grass has become a popular choice for its eco-friendly nature.

Green Grass Field

For some busy homeowners, natural grass simply requires too much money and time to maintain. It can be frustrating to see how it takes no time for weeds to grow and regrow on a freshly manicured lawn, destroying the overall aesthetic of your backyard. However, homeowners don’t need to think about the weeds with synthetic turf. While natural grass requires maintenance year-round, synthetic putting greens in Lake Forest can be used in all four seasons, as it is able to withstand snow, sun, and rain. Synthetic turf has a significant lifespan. Thanks to the fibers forming its structure, artificial grass provides a durable surface to play golf on a natural-looking green field. It’s worth mentioning that artificial turn doesn’t retain water on the surface. Hence, the holding capability of the ground increases and lowers any injuries. Golf is always played with a golf club, which can cause a natural grass golf course to be deformed over time. That said, the good thing about synthetic grass is that it hardly ever looks worn. Designed for professional sports and various other use cases, modern turf allows people to enjoy the outdoors with more comfort and beauty.

Synthetic grass can be installed in one day by experts, allowing homeowners can relax. You run no risk if you take an added step by adding a weed wall cloth upon installation. Artificial turf does not attract pests as natural plants do. Moreover, they do not require watering, which can save significantly on utility costs. The ease of artificial grass lawns simply cannot be achieved with natural grass, not to mention that stunning aesthetic.

Among the many incredible things that you can do in your backyard, installing a mini-golf course is one of the best. Golfing is an outdoor activity that can keep your family healthy in a fun and light-hearted way. Anyone can spend time with friends and loved ones from the comfort of their home. If you would rather spend your summers enjoying the outdoors instead of toiling away at lawn maintenance, call NoMow Turf, Inc. today!

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Chiropractic Care & Neurology? Makes Perfect Sense

Welcome to the SB Business Journal where we highlight businesses and only focus on solid facts. Our goal is to dive into the meat of businesses, cutting out the fluff, and finding out just how good they really are and if they deserve your business.

This week we are focusing on Neural FX Chiropractic Kalapp Health, chiropractors that are based in San Bernardino County.

Neural FX Chiropractic specializes in Chiropractic Neurology which combines chiropractic care, neurology, and physical rehabilitation. They work with patients who are dealing with sports injuries, chronic pain, head injuries, balance problems, developmental disorders, concentration difficulty, and anxiety disorders to name a few.

They claim that they are able to diagnose the levels where the problems are occurring and then reconnect the bodily structures and functions that  allow the human body to function in a symptom-free, healthy state. They also claim that you will be greeted by a friendly staff. Let’s dive in and see what real people with real experience have said about their experience with Neural FX Chiropractic and if their claims about themselves hold up.

Greeted By Friendly Staff

“The ladies in the office where very nice and professional.” -Charlene

“Dr. Kalapp is also one of the kindest people I know and I would trust him and recommend him to anyone!” – Anita

“…they have amazing staff that cater to your every need with a smile!!” – Fernando, Rancho Cucamonga

“And he has the most awesome staff, I don’t think I have a word to say how good I feel when I walk in his office and they treat you like family.” – Elizabeth, Rancho Cucamonga

Our Take Away: After a thorough review of client reports it is easy to see that Neural FX Chiropractic does in fact have amazing staff and that you are greeted with a friendly smile.

That is nice and all, but let’s dive into the real issue here, do their services actually help people? It is one thing to be greeted by a smile, it is another to walk out of their office pain free.

Allow The Human Body To Function In A Symptom-Free, Healthy State

“Urgent care doctor told her it was a muscle spasm but after meeting with Dr. Kalapp and finding out what was wrong…he did an adjustment and laser on her back and she actually felt better right away.” – Charlene

“I cannot express how much my pain has subsided since I’ve started treatment here and I couldn’t be happier with how fast this treatment has changed my life…” – Fernando, Rancho Cucamonga

“…this guy makes me feel better and allows me to move again, so I can keep doing what I love, teaching jiu-jitsu.” – Tom

“I came here on a last minute ; I need to be adjusted!!!’ After 4 months of back pain. I was fixed in a snap and a pop and now feel great!” – Sal, Rancho Cucamonga

Our Take Away: After our review we literally could not find a single negative one. Every reports a fantastic experience and that they are feeling better after they have visited Dr. Kalapp and his associates.

We not only can substantiate their claims, but we also can highly recommend Neural FX Chiropractic to you.

The Legal-Medical Professional Handshake

In the early half of the 20th century, law suits were rare matters reserved for civil fallout stemming from criminal wrongdoing. Sure the most cut-throat corporate titans were no strangers to the court room when battling anti-trust laws and fledgling copyright standards of the day but nothing like the legal power-lifting of the 21st century. Increased incidence of malpractice lead to greater oversight in the medical field which is a natural progressive step in the industry. The issue however, arises from the oversight that paints targets on the backs of the literal ‘first-line-of-defense’ that is the medical industry. Without question, insurance companies duck, dip, and dive around the bullets that fly at their professional constituents. When the days end and doors close (except those of the ER of course) the lawyers and claims adjusters are typically the only ones with smiles on their faces.

There is one sect of the legal field however that steps aside from the cesspool of garbage that is consuming the very people that save more lives than most every first responder combined. The top causes of death all combined are primarily combated by medical professionals. While oversight is important, medical licensing is highly problematic these days. Nurses, physicians, surgeons etc are constantly watching their back. The one band of brothers available to these life-guards are professional license attorneys. License attorneys keep medical professionals in practice help doctors keep the hospital rolling. Not all professional license lawyers are created equal when representing clients in front of medical boards and regulatory bureaus.


License lawyers have a broad scope of ability for defending medical licenses including:

  • helping license applicants to disclose and explain adverse background informationon an application
  • responding to licensing agency investigation letters
  • handling board investigations that become criminal investigations
  • addressing licensed business state law compliance issues
  • appealing the denial of any California professional license
  • preventing immediate suspension of a license in criminal court under Penal Code section 23
  • defending against interim suspension orders (ISOs)
  • filing a Notice of Defense in response to an Accusation
  • negotiations with the Attorney General or Department Counsel
  • representation at administrative hearings
  • reconsideration after an adverse decision
  • writs and appeals after an adverse decision
  • petition for reinstatement after the loss of a license
  • handling problems that arise during license probation
  • early termination of probation
  • modification of the terms of probation
  • defending criminal charges in court that arise from a license discipline investigation


Think of licensing attorneys as a defensive line holding back the blitz of aggression coming down from sue-happy patients and malpractice insurance agents. Bottom feeders exist everywhere but with impending administration boards they tend to teem together in higher numbers and it takes a strong defense force to keep them at bay. Where doctors and lawyers are typically pitted against eachother like cats and dogs everywhere including the golf course, license defense is one of few areas of professional handshake.

With a tremendous record of success appealing licenses, defending licenses, and board hearing defense, Ray and Bishop Professional Law Corporation is the support licensed professionals need. Check them out and remember to be grateful for the system that keeps us safe but more so the people that dedicate themselves to saving lives and the ones keeping them working.


Where OC business makes the handshake

Selling homes in San Clemente with integrityAt home? That’s a pretty gutsy move I’d say. The difference between most business owners and the guys who can successfully sell sunshine in Orange county is that the people ready to walk into the office of a sunshine dealer are ready to buy from a well prepared marketing campaign. NO – I repeat -NO business can expect to succeed if it has idiots working the front desk, a marketing director asleep at the wheel writing 5000 word press releases that are never actually released and a band of salesmen who spend more time behind their desk refreshing their emails than meeting clients out in the field. Selling things is a useful skill but businesses that are all sale and no potato are bound to die when upset clients come knocking -or worse telling their friends- how bad their service was at a local shop that lives and dies by word of mouth. The lifeline today is not word of mouth it is niching and repeatable leads. The only way you can practically guarantee a steady stream of new business is to establish a good rapport in your community and build the best danged website around and make sure it gets in front of the right audiences. One business owner who is changing the way people buy homes is a guy down in San Clemente. This top San Clemente realtor knows how to establish a personal relationship with home buyer and see them through to finding the perfect home. Real estate gets easy when you are a good salesman. He went above and beyond being a good real estate agent, he was a friend who wanted to ensure I found the right home.

In a branch similarly run by folks that are all about selling but usually good at business, financial planning is getting hot as the dow continues to growIrvine investment advisers are ready to grow your business money out of thin air. Stock prices start climbing and MBA students keep graduating hoping to manage clients’ money. Irvine is one hub for tech giants, specialty manufacturing, and innovation and consequentially the number of Edward Jones offices has grown along with the business parks. Independent financial planners in Irvine are all fighting for a select group of financially successful individuals hoping to tap into the growth that Wall Street is enjoying. Growth doesn’t really mean much to a big business besides a few people that sit behind a board room table but to a small business, growth is tremendous. Investment advisers help small business owners make the right decisions every day and separate themselves from the mass of online competitors by offering a genuine connection beyond a simple etrade feedback email. This is reporting at its finest.