What We Do

The Clute Institute is dedicated to a singular purpose – bringing you the most up-to-date and factual news and business reviews for cities and towns all over the country. From Metropolis to Los Angeles, each of our branches is dedicated to sniffing out what makes each local community tick, and what truths need dredging for those communities to make the appropriate choices going forward.

We know that small businesses are what gives a city its own, unique flavor. We also know that finding a business that provides exemplary service can be difficult, to say the least. Our mission is dedicated to giving you the facts you need to determine where your money is best served.

Local news is never easy; businesses and people come and go like the autumn winds, and it’s impossible to keep up. We do what we can to make sure that you have a resource to go to when you find yourself in need of a service but are overwhelmed with the number of choices available to you. Remember: an informed consumer is a powerful one.

Current Branches:

Southern California

Our southern California branch has been serving the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas for years, providing dedicated news coverage and recommendations on local businesses for the hard working and discerning citizens who need to know which organizations they can trust. Our reporter(s) scour the local scene to determine which businesses in various industries go above and beyond for their customers and clients, and often test these services themselves to determine whether or not the stories are true.

As one of the most densely populated metro areas in the world, we felt it was our responsibility to open our first office on the sandy shores of the west coast and provide the millions of residents with our brand of factual reporting. With thousands of local businesses, we are slowly making our way through the various service sectors to let you know which businesses manage to rise above the fold.

NEXT BRANCH: To Be Announced

We are currently working to expand our operations to cities outside of southern California. Our plans for the future involve making this a platform to serve every major metropolitan area in the country, and beyond. We are simply too big to fit in one city, and our hungry eyes look ever outward to our next conquest.

While our focus is currently on one part of the country, our ears are always open to the currents of news filtering down to us in our small corner. As we plan our expansion, we are on the lookout for local news junkies who are dedicated to keeping their community informed. If you believe you fit the bill, drop us a line with some examples of your work!