Classic Interra Cubicles Are A Stylish Hit in Orange County

Classic Interra Cubicles Are A Stylish Hit in Orange County

What was once the joke of office banter and maligned as “boring” and “drab”, is now making a comeback with a vengeance, thanks to several factors. 

Salia Santorini, a fashion designer turned office interior designer, has helped countless companies transition from modern open offices into classical floor plans featuring cubicles.

Santorini explains that fashion is constantly evolving. Trends come and go, and styles that seem outdated in one era seem to come back into the cycle every couple of years or every few decades.

“On one hand, it’s possible that the office cubicle has always worked, and people simply didn’t want to admit it because it’s a tried and true staple. People get bored easily, even if something is functional. But another reason could be that the COVID-19 pandemic showed people the other side of a society in which we are all connected but digitally. It can be hard for someone to come into the office not knowing where they are to sit and work in front of their laptops when everything is constantly being shifted around in an open space. They feel like they are in limbo. The pandemic made people a lot more self-aware of their boundaries, and now it’s cool to be more of an introvert.”

Fashion and interior design share many parallels. They reflect the sentiments of our times, swayed by technological and cultural shifts.

The office cubicle is surprisingly functional and practical, offering workers their own private spaces. In contrast to hot desks, which offer no separation or stationary allocation of space in an open office environment.

Santorini recommends installing New Cubicles if employees in your office need more compartmentalized focus. Cubicles can be shipped and set up quickly, allowing minimal downtime. Interra cubicles are designed and manufactured in Northern California, and comprised of recycled content. Little to no technical expertise is required, with a variety of colors and materials, including fabric, glass, and metal, to choose from. 

“You can think of the office cubicle like the quiet luxury trend, muted, understated. Not flashy, not avant-garde, but ultimately stable and reliable. Consumer cycles are heavily dictated by how people feel. In times of upheaval and change, people want to count on something they know,” says Santorini. “The open office promised people freedom and autonomy, but what they got were distractions and noise.”

“Office cultures thrive when people feel like the environment accommodates their needs. People want ergonomic, lightweight, easy-to-assemble Office Furniture that allows them to personalize their space. Cubicles make the task of the HR manager much easier. Employees can decorate and hang up pictures and posters when they have their cubicle, but not when they sit at a shared desk.”

In the vibrant hub of Orange County, businesses depend on people. Ensuring that the design of your office caters to their well-being and productivity, rather than fleeting trends, ensures the long-term success of the organization. You can shop for a wide selection of the best new and used cubicles, desks, chairs, workstations, and more at Creative Office Design.