The Devils in the Details

So the new Avengers trailer is out the buzz is deafening. No one can wait to see what masterpiece marvel has cooked up this time. The last movie brought in 10 figures at box office but can Joss Whedon pull of the ultimate form of cash invention again? The comics franchise has arguably created some of the most gripping (and intricate) stories ever written so it becomes the job of the renowned writers and director to unwind the ball of string and chose the line to follow for recreating one of the most successful hero-villain arcs in the history of the comic.  As I’m sure the writers are already blindingly aware, the devil’s in the details of a movie like Avengers. When you get a mashup of characters and fans with generations of hard copy to reference, things can get ugly if every frame is not perfect. Accordingly, it looks like Whedon and the crew are really doing their homework and releasing the trailers in response to the various fan outcries.

In a similar vein of detail oriented design for master plans, the news cannot stop talking about the continually rising price of gas. Obviously the market could not slide much longer even though it was luxurious while it lasted. As prices start to rebound, the industry is booming with new land plays and the details of the necessity of oil and gas legal services in Texas while the courthouse obligations start to pile up. If I had to choose between being the director of an ultra-(or should I say ultron)-blockbuster-(or should I say hulkbuster) film like Avengers and being an oil and gas attorney given the heat of the market right now, I’d choose the ultron-hulkbuster ten times out of ten. Detail management that has legal repercussions seems far more important when tectonic plates like energy companies are at play seems like enough stress to turn you green in no time.

To be fair, every community niche has it’s armageddon. Ever felt like working in the post office on Dec 22nd? How about the dive bar during the title fight. Similarly, the whole country barrels down to laguna during the early spring to catch the sunshine fever that California invariably offers year after year. In Laguna Hills, the crowds tend to slow in awe of the beautiful homes around them after a long lazy day at the beach. Real estate agents tend to take this time to spring into action (no pun intended) and even the blind squirrels among them tend to find a nut or two. But the best real estate agents recognize the opportunity and close deals right and left. It’s about as stressful as being a salmon fisherman during spawning season. Managing the needs of home buyers looking to purchase their own home for a sale in Laguna Hills. Any agent can read the MLS and find a house in the right price range but few agents can really find the home for a family AND make both parties feel like they are getting the right price. That kind of skill separates the agents from the weekenders. The devil’s in the details in any field and whether it be the giants like film, finance, oil and gas, or real estate or even smaller markets like jewelry sales, know your niche and the critics will be trampled by the fans. Meanwhile the market churns on and real estate cycles continue and Laguna Niguel stays beautiful.
Laguna Niguel and local communities like Laguna Hills are worth their weight in gold if listed properly